Someone could be using your card and we want to make sure that

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purse replica handbags What is the problem?”Representative: “There is a one dollar fee on your account for using that card.”Representative: “It just a fee that gas stations use to make sure that the credit card is valid before allowing you to pump gas, but the charge will not appear on your next statement.”Me: “Is it just this one service station that attaches this service fee?” I was already starting to think of the other gas stations near my home that I could switch to.Representative: “Oh, no, all the service stations charge a one dollar fee to validate the credit card but then they remove it immediately so that the charge doesn appear on your statement.”Me: “Are you saying that you call customers to tell them that they have been charged a one dollar service fee that won appear on their statement?”Representative: “Well, yes. Someone could be using your card and we want to make sure that you have been notified.”Me: “I can believe that this bank is wasting your time and my money by having you make stupid calls like this. There is a one dollar service fee that every gas station charges you and they remove that charge immediately so that you don see it on your next statement, and you think this could be a fraudulent use of a person credit card?”Me: “And you calling every customer of this bank who buys gas at a service station to tell them that someone may be using their card fraudulently?”Representative: “Well, um, yes purse replica handbags.

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