Avoid prawn crackers the may be free but at 400 calories and

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related site Hermes birkin Replica Hermes Replica Bags It’s the fried rice, starters and side orders that turn a takeout into a health hazard.Easy ways to slash the baddies Choose boiled rather than egg fried rice a standard carton of egg fried rice contains 625 calories and 32g of fat while boiled has just 370 calories and 1g of fat.Skip crispy duck three filled pancakes contain a massive 560 calories and 21g of fat as the duck is served with its fatty skin.Soups are usually low in fat, containing around 3g for a pot so have them instead of deep fried starters like wontons, spring rolls, sesame toast and crispy seaweed just one piece of sesame prawn toast contains 70 calories and 7g of fat.Avoid prawn crackers the may be free but at 400 calories and 30g of fat per bag, they’ll add pounds.Instead of. Half a portion of Peking duck, crispy shredded beef with egg fried rice, and half a bag of prawn crackers: 1,925 calories, 86g fatOrder. Crab and sweetcorn soup and chicken in oyster sauce with boiled rice: 865 calories, 12g fatSave: 1,060 calories, 74g fatSupermarket swap. Hermes Replica Bags

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